Inspiration can arise from anything and anywhere. From the open skies to the deep blue seas. From breaking geographical barriers to delving into historical events. From the vast to the infinitesimal.

Drawing inspiration from the boundless wonders of the world, every collection and piece from Rathod Jewellers exquisitely crafted jewellery brings to life magnificent designs wrought in the purest of gold, finest diamonds and precious stones. Needless to mention world class craftsmanship and minute attention to detail characterise each of our creations.

Welcome to a wondrous world of inspiration.


Limited Edition

Showcasing the Limited Edition Jewellery from Rathod, due to its amazing craftsmanship, beauty and exclusivity, will be passed on from generation to generation.Step into the world of Rathod's High End Jewellry with the Magnificent Creations collection, a combination of precious gemstones and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Bridal Collection

Explore the elegant Bridal Collection at Rathod and discover the perfect wedding jewellery with hand-selected diamonds, polkies & gemstones. Bridal Collection by Rathod is the quintessential Bridal Jewellery Collection which is designed to last for centuries.

Temple Jewellery

Exquisite antique gold jewellery crafted by experts. Make a style statement with Temple jewellery collections from Rathod Jewellers. Check out some gorgeous, traditional and inspiring temple jewellery designs that every 2020 bride must bookmark!

Exclusive Men's Collection

Presenting Rathod's vast collection of designer men's jewellry to choose from. You can choose from a plethora of products from our men's jewellery collection, such as earrings, bracelets, broaches, lapel pins, lobster clasps, neckpieces. Visit our store today for the latest collection.